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Cenote Garden of Eden

Come enjoy a relaxing swim in Cenote Garden of Eden. The clear waters and lush vegetation will give the impression of being in the Garden of Eden, as the name implies. The staff works hard to keep the water clean to avoid pollution and maintain the beauty of the cenote. Whether you come to snorkel with fish or just to sunbathe, you'll have a memorable experience at the cenote.
Chicen Itza

Mayaland Tours is the perfect way to have a fascinating and educational experience as you learn more about the historical architecture of Mayaland. Tour guides are there to assist and show you some of the best places to take pictures of the structure. You're also given the option to request a bus to pick you up from your resort. The tour will teach you about unveiled myths and intriguing facts about the ancient building of Mayaland.

The tropical beauty of Xel-Ha is one to be admired. It is home to many flora and fauna species and includes several underground rivers that flow below the water's surface. One of the best things to do at Xel-Ha is snorkeling and exploring the depths of the river. At Salpichanga, you'll glide through the air in a zipline that ends with a splash into the refreshing waters of the Xel-Ha's inlet.

Are you craving a thrill? Zoom through the trees on the ziplining tour, raft through the rivers and explore the subterranean streams. Choose the adventure that gets your blood flowing and your mind rushing. Guests hungry for adrenaline will want to book as soon as possible! Xplor Adventure Park may be the highlight of your vacation to Mexico.
Swim with Dolphins

Dolphins are some of the most magnificent and intelligent creatures in the animal kingdom, and you have the chance to swim with one of them! Hop in the water and introduce yourself, hitch a ride on the dolphin's belly or on a boogie board, or take hold of their dorsal ridge as they accelerate through the waters. This excursion is dream-like and unforgettable.
Snorkeling Tours

A menagerie of marine and ocean life live near the equator. In eastern Mexico, you'll have the chance to see some of these colorful creatures by purchasing a snorkel. While you can certainly view these creatures in the waters near our property, swimming over to a snorkel tour can give you an even better look at marine life. Follow the experts as they show you the best places to get a look at beautiful sea creatures.
Bone Fishing

Are you an avid fisherman? Do you want to tell a fishing story that was as amazing as you claim? Then bone fishing in Playa is for you! A short ferry ride will take you to the ocean waters, where you can fish for some of the exotic aquatic life. Listen to the master fly fisher Adolfo Vazquez. He is one of the most knowledgeable guides in the area and knows what bonefish like.
Playa del Carmen Food Tour

Are you finding it hard to fit in all of the excursions and meals into the day's itinerary, why don't you just combine the food tour with an excursion? The Playa del Carmen Food Tour gives eager vacationers a taste of classic Mexican cuisine. Not only do you get some top-of-the-line food, but you can learn about the culture of the people here.
ATV Ride in the Jungle

Those wanting to go on a thrilling expedition will be happy to learn about ATV tours. Follow a guide through the Mexican jungle and learn about the wildlife in the area. Some tours will take you to unique swimming holes and show you beautiful panoramas that will feel almost unreal. The perfect attraction for adventurers who want to stop and smell the roses every once in a while.
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